THANK YOU so much for serving surfers.

Last year, I was able to experience first-hand the benefit and blessing of having a surf Chaplain present during a contest. During the Taiwan Open of Surfing, when I was knocked out in round-one, I was pretty bummed. Having Andy there, as I came out of the water to assure me that a 20min heat was not a true reflection of my surfing ability, but even more important to remind me that surfing does not define me, that I am valued, loved and beautiful despite the results of that contest, meant more that I can express.
It is rare to find someone in the contest environment whose sole purpose is to pour love and encouragement on surfers, as well as to give coaching tips, and add a lot of laughs along the way!
I believe it is crucial to the wellbeing of an athlete to have a Chaplain present at events. Surf contests, and surfing communities would be lacking a crucial aspect if Chaplains were not present. 

Shannon WSL Competitor 

Sean McKeown
Event Director Australian Longboard Surfing Open

For most surfers, surfing is a spiritual experience with the surf and nature being our church. We have been fortunate over the years to have had some direction within this experience by Andrew Carruthers, the ASP Longboard Chaplin.

Andrew has been an important part of our event at Kingscliff over the last six years, offering support to the organisers, the competitors and to the spectators. We value Andrews involvement in the Australian Longboard Surfing Open and indeed with the work that he does within our community in general.

We are grateful to have you at all events , 

it is comforting to know there is a man of God at these events to be there for all the competitors. Laurie was telling me at last year's Noosa event when Rachael was dealing with her joint pains, that you were there praying with the two of them. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for you to pray over her. You helped bring her that comfort she needed as well as asked God to heal her. I wish I could be at all events with her, but it is nice to know you are there.

Glen, Laurie (Parents) 

and Rachael WSL Competitor

I wanted to let you know…

that I enjoyed having you around as our chaplain for the WSL professional men longboarders. Your guidance, positive energy, and professional photography allows for every longboarder to showcase their memories from every trip over to China to share with their families. 

I have had many years being around you and I would love to see you come back for the 2016 season! 

Tony WSL Competitor 

"In my capacity of Chairman of ASP…

I manage to get a line of sight over pretty much all of our activities. The longboard area is seen as an important and growing area of activity for us and hence the number of people involved from surfers, ASP staff and event personnel are increasing. Life on the road can be challenging in a number of ways and I feel that ASP is fortunate to have a gentle, committed and sensitive person like Andrew in this role. ASP sees the provision of these services as fundamentally important."

Regards Richard Grelman

I first meet Andy…

at a surf contest and immediately felt at ease talking to him. He makes you feel very comfortable when talking about difficult topics and has a huge wealth of knowledge. I love his ability to make everyone in the room stop and think about the decisions we are making with out us even knowing he has, and I find that a very valuable skill of a pastor especially with people that aren’t that comfortable with discussing religion. I think its great having him at contests and I feel much safer knowing he is there.

Wini (ASP Surfer: WQS and Longbord tour) 

Andrew Carruthers…

is a loyal friend who has helped me out during surfing competitions countless times. He is great to have on the LQS tour as the chaplain. We all benefit from his presence in many ways. He has helped show me the brighter path to become the best professional surfer i can be through God. Andrew is always there to lend a helping hand or shout me some friendly advice. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to know and work with Andrew throughout my surfing career.

Nic  (ASP Surfer; Longboard and Pro Junior WQS competitor)

After a few days…

hanging out on the beach I saw that his behavior was like that with everyone and as I saw how everyone on the beach would be so happy to see him and greet him with big smiles and warm hugs and truthful hand shakes. I realize then that my new friend was one of the most loved people on the beach and after I understood his mission I became so proud to be his friend... I can't even list briefly how much he did for my Longboard career in regards to giving me spiritual and material support. I feel like I owe this guy so much and I really wish I could help him in his mission. The Longboard Tour wouldn't be the same without him and my life wouldn't be the same without his presence, influences and awesome vibes.

In behalf of all Longboard Pro surfer communities around the world I thank this man and his mission. Thanks Jesus for putting such a great man in my life. Let God take him everywhere he is needed.

Andre  (ASP Competitior)

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