(Pro Surfers mum)

Andrew is always there for the surfers. He keeps his finger on the pulse of each event and makes himself available to whoever needs him at any given time......  I do not know of anyone who comes across Andrew in his role as Chaplain who doesn’t respect who he is and the faith he bears witness to. 

Nic (Pro surfer)

Andrew Carruthers is a loyal friend who has helped me out during surfing competitions countless times. 

He is great to have on the LQS tour as the chaplain. We all benefit from his presence in many ways. He has helped show me the brighter path to become the best professional surfer I can be through God. Andrew is always there to lend a helping hand or shout me some friendly advice. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to know and work with Andrew throughout my surfing career!

Tony  (Pro Surfer USA)

Andy, I feel your part of coming to all asp events to be the chaplain has been very useful. Your presence, positive advice, and sharing all faiths has been helpful for so many competitors on tour. I would hope for the asp to accept you to be able to travel on board with the entire top 32 professional longboard surfers.


(ASP Tour Manager)

Andrew has been very helpful in many ways from surfer relations to hands on labour, which was well beyond the scope of his duties. Always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing him at future events.

Sean McKeown

Event Director Australian Longboard Surfing Open

For most surfers, surfing is a spiritual experience with the surf and nature being our church. We have been fortunate over the years to have had some direction within this experience by Andrew Carruthers, the ASP Longboard Chaplin. 

Andrew has been an important part of our event at Kingscliff over the last six years, offering support to the organisers, the competitors and to the spectators. We value Andrews involvement in the Australian Longboard Surfing Open and indeed with the work that he does within our community in general.

Richard (ASP Chairman)

Life on the road can be challenging in a number of ways and I feel that ASP is fortunate to have a gentle, committed and sensitive person like Andrew in this role. ASP sees the provision of these services as fundamentally important.   

Peter & Kristen

(Pro Surfers Parents)

Anyone who comes across Andrew in his role as Chaplain respects who he is and his role as chaplain as he deals with people of different faiths, languages and cultures. His unobtrusive, gentle manner has a huge impact on surfers, supporters and officials as he leads by humble example and displays his genuine love and concern for all people. 

Many a surfer has followed up with Andrew after an event to talk about social/personal issues that require continued support.

We have heard the same said of other chaplains at surfing events. !

As parents of a 19 year old surfer on both longboard and short board tours, we hope that the ASP may reconsider the role of chaplaincy at events as we strongly believe that it is very important in the holistic care of the athletes within the ASP.

Pat (Pro Surfer)

Andy always provides a worthwhile opinion, a friendly face and an ear ready to listen.        


(Snr Amateur competitor)

At the Noosa Surf Festival.. Andy was the Chaplain He prayed for my wife.. Andy is a gifted Chaplain, Mentor  and  Pastor.               

Wini  (Female Pro surfer)

I love his ability to make everyone in the room stop and think about the decisions we are making without us even knowing he has.

Rod (Contest Director)

Snowy McCallister Memorial

I contacted Andrew through social media to see if there was anyway I could have him travel from Noosa to Sydney for our 3 day event and much to my delight he was happy to travel down and cover the event. It wasn't until then that I found out about some of Andrews other attributes. At the time I didn't know that he is a husband, father, surfer, very well travelled, minister, ASP chaplain and all round great guy.

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