I have always loved images. They capture so much.

... so it seemed only natural to gravitate towards moving images…

Flux is my first feature film and has been shown in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand & the USA

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The Surfers.

Images from the FILM.


FLUX Trailer                10 Surfers // 10 Days // 1 Path




FLUX a Journey of Constant change

10 Surfers // 10 Days // 1 Path

FLUX is a surf film with a difference.

A Documentary of the journey of a gathering of surfers aged from 12-60 from different backgrounds, situations in life and heritage. They share a love of surfing and a common faith arising from very different journeys.

Director and Producer Andrew Carruthers has gathered together an eclectic group of people. “For a few years now I have been dreaming and talking about making a surfing movie. A movie that shows the diversity of surfers and the vast life experiences we come from.” says Carruthers. “I wanted to marry the two great passions of my life together, Surfing and Faith.”

Surfing, has shown me that unity does not mean uniformity. We can be different ages and sexes, have different backgrounds and life experiences, we can ride different surf craft, in different ways and despite these differences we can have unity as a group, if we work at it. 

Faith gives us the framework to work through these differences together. The 10 people in the movie start at one place as a diverse group of individuals and arrive at another united, having grown closer together through a shared common experience.

Living together in New Zealand for 10 days they share surf, laughter & conversation.

You can share that journey with us discovering the depth and breadth of others... 

The value of the individual and the value of community...
The beauty of solace and creation...
The value of generations and surfing together...

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."              Pericles

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