What or Who is SALTcommunity

We are a gathering of people. This was the original name for a church an EKKLESIA. People gathered for a common purpose.

Our common purpose is to try and live authentic lives of faith within our community. 

Jesus was known as a friend of sinners, publicans, prostitutes and tax gatherers; basically people who didn't frequent religious establishments.

We believe Jesus wasn't into religion…

He was concerned about relationship. Peoples relationship with God and their relationships with one another.  He wasn't looking for religious adherents he was looking for real disciples. People who were willing to sojourn through life together with each other and God.

Life can be full of twist and turns, valleys and mountain tops.  A ridged, hard framework of religious tradition and practice can seem out of step with the reality of our lives. SALTcommunity holds fast to the teachings of Jesus as described in the bible, but we hold loosely to the religious traditions and customs of 'organised traditional Church'.



People           NOT            Places or Buildings

Relationship  NOT            Religion or Ritual

Trust              NOT            Tradition

Love               NOT            Legalism

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